Macro run time error

w1hkj <w1hkj@...>

Hello Dave, Skip,

I getting a run time error when the TIMER macro is set greater than 30 seconds.
Likewise I would like to see the upper limit at 1200 seconds.

Fixed.  Do not use above 31 until the next release.

I would like to see the following macro functions.

1. To specify a particular offset from the tuned frequency. nnnn, nnnn
being a value between 500 and 2500.

How would you use this?  You can do the same thing if you set the Tx Offset on the General Setup tab.

2. Ability to plug in the system time and system date. and
would be great.

Not a difficult addition.  My own personal observation is that date and time macro tags are overused by many operators.  I find it annoying to have the other operator send me every statistic available on his or her machine including date/time on the closing SK macro.  I know what time it is and I can compute the local time at any point on the globe.

Great work .... we really appreciate your efforts.

Thank you, this has been a labor of love.

Dave, W1HKJ

73 ...... w7oze

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