Re: Announcement of Software Updates on W1HKJ web site

"Rich Newsom" <richwa4sxz@...>

Alas, a new problem. When Vbdigi is running, then exited by the upper
right hand corner 'X' control, the visible part goes away but the
task manager says it's still running. ie, 'cannot run multiple
vbdigis' message appears. I've duplicated this on XP and Win2k. The
program does properly exit with the 'exit' button under the file bar
on the left side of the window. Lazy me, going for the quick kill
button, but this may need attention.

Thanks again,

--- In NBEMSham@..., "Rich Newsom" <richwa4sxz@...> wrote:

Thanks Dave, I've just pillaged one of each from your site. Excellent
download speeds. I have done a remove via the control panel and then
fresh install on Vista Home Premium, Win XP home, Win2000Pro, and
Win98SE. All worked fine except the Vista vbdigi will not start.
The runtime error is 429, activeX can't create object. Did the
install twice, same result. I have already done the WinScript change
on the XP, w2k, and w98 machines but didn't see a update for
WinScript for Vista. Probably in SP1 whenever it gets out.

As usual, the updates work flawlessly on all of my Linux distro's.

Please advise if this runtime error '429' is a known problem or it's
just my bad luck this time.


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