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Good evening,

Quick note of thanks for an interesting suite of software.
A fellow HAM and myself were able to transfer several text files this
evening. A few problems at first (operator induced) but am learning...
Fairly reliable file transfer up to PSK63 however PSK125 & PSK250
seemed to have problem connecting. Wondering if others have noticed
BTW most testing was 2M SSB but we did briefly switch to 2M FM and it
worked great.

Larry ~ kb0emb
Hi there I also did some great tests on psk 250 with a fellow ham
9H1PI here in Malta and were able to connect without problems at. We
have transferred lots of data like pdf files, small photos, emails in
test format etc etc. We used HF on 10 meters. At first few test we had
little delay problems while the programs tries to acknowledge received
packets (data) but we found out that best is to go to the configuration
menu and set TX delay to 2000. Most of the time I be QRV on 28.120
with beacon on at psk 250.

I see not much users on psk250 most of them on psk31.

Well what i can say is that this little nice program rocks.

Thanks to all concerned.



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