Quick Test

"Dennis Zabawa" <kg4rul@...>

I hooked up two computers from soundcard to soundcard with a couple of
patch cables (sort of a null radio) and gave it a quick test. I LOVE
IT!! It worked with well with Thunderbird and OE. I am going to
setup a test between the base and the mobile as soon as I can get a
digital interface built up for the FT-100D. I plan to test it on HF
and VHF, FM in Simplex mode. This sounds like a great deal for text
based communications between our tri-county EOCs. Dependence on a
Linux based platform for functionality like this has been a
non-starter up till now. Glad to see a stable Windoze implementation.

Dennis R. Zabawa KG4RUL
ARRL South Carolina Section, Public Information Coordinator
Berkeley County South Carolina ARES/RACES, Information Officer
W4VEC Volunteer Examiner
Trident Amateur Radio Club (TARC), Charleston, SC
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Instructor, Charleston
County, SC - Team C9B

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