Re: RTTY Invert Capability?

"Bill McLaughlin" <bmc@...>

Perhaps a stupid comment by me, but can you not just change sidebands
(along with the associated frequency change) to get "inverted" RTTY?


Bill N9DSJ

--- In NBEMSham@..., "k6ask" <K6ASK@...> wrote:

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the reply. After trying several suggestions, I came to the
conclusion that Invert/Reverse on RTTY is not available. Think it might
be useful....mainly to be able to inform those that do not realize
their signal is inverted. The software, so far, has worked flawlessly
for me. Will let you know if there are problems or suggestions.

73, Bob K6ASK

--- In NBEMSham@..., w1hkj <w1hkj@> wrote:

No Invert or Reverse is available. Sorry.


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