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Is there an RTTY capability for inverting character detection? It would be very handy to have a button available to toggle non-invert/invert because some RTTY stations often have their signal inverted. At present, when one moves from one signal to another, because of this some are immediately legible and some are not.

Perhaps this function is available and I just havn't found it.

Bob - K6ASK
Hi Bob good post as i also tried hard to find this invert button but
still no luck...
Is this what you are looking for ?

From the vbdigi help file :::

Waterfall Colors and Appearance
You can change the background color and the palette used for the waterfall. Select the Waterfall item from the Configure menu.

vbdigi is installed with several palettes to select from or you can design and save your own palette. Waterfall color schemes is one area that is highly individual and what works well for one person may not be good for another. Press the Load button and you can pick from a list of palette files. The color bar at the left of the dialog will change as you load different palettes. The waterfall will also change so you can see the effect immediately. Each small button to the right of the color bar can be clicked to change the color with that signal level. When you are finished and like your scheme you can save it using the Save button. Assign your new palette to a new name such as your "callsign.pal". The base color can also be changed. This is the color for the background of the waterfall and the waterfall scale.

The waterfall / spectrum display is a part of the MMVARI ocx control that vbdigi uses for digital signal processing. It's resolution is not as good as some other programs such as fldigi for Linux, but is quite adequate for the purpose intended. If you want to see a bit more detail on the received signal you can click the "1500" range button. I recommend that you keep the range in "3000" mode for routine use. The waterfall horizontal size is also fixed when first installed. You can change this allow the waterfall to fully extend horizontally when the application is resized. Just click the "Expand Waterfall" check box.

If your receiver is receiving signals in the LSB mode then you can click the "use LSB" check box. This will not effect the decoding or transmission of psk signals, but it will effect both MFSK and RTTY which are sensitive to frequency pair inversion.
Colors & Fonts


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