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"Jeffrey P. Nast" <jpnast@...>

Hi Dave,

Thank you for the responses below and your willingness to consider a
future update.

For the "Split" check box, I was afraid my lack of knowledge would
lead to the response that you gave. In all fairness, I did try to do
some research and could not find any explanations for the check boxes
on the right side of the waterfall. When time permits, adding those
check box functions into a help file would be nice.

I have also noticed that the yellow line (threshold) in the signal
strength "meter" can be moved with a "click-drag". Most likely to
eliminate unwanted text and hieroglyphics in a noisy RF environment.
Didn't find anything on that in the help files either.

And... (sorry, I drone on) noticed that the "shift-up/down/left/right
arrows" will change the Rx/Tx frequencies in the fields to the right
of the waterfall display. With the "Split" checked, on the Tx moves.
Cool! A nice short cut that I could not find mention of in the help files.

A great piece of software! Thank you very much! 73!
-Jeff Nast

--- In NBEMSham@..., w1hkj <w1hkj@...> wrote:

There are a few of us here testing NBEMS. In our tests we have noticed a
couple things that would be nice...

* flarq - We would like to see an option to rearm the Beacon after
That can be considered for a future update.

* vbdigi - In our testing it was possible for a remote station to
Use the "Split" control and your transmit frequency will not move.

Lastly, one of our testers is using an IC-V8000 and notices that
Check your Windows "Volume Control" to see if the Microphone is Muted.

73, Dave, W1HKJ

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