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"Jeffrey P. Nast" <jpnast@...>

There are a few of us here testing NBEMS. In our tests we have noticed a couple things that would be nice...

* flarq - We would like to see an option to rearm the Beacon after another station disconnects. Reason: I can understand why the Beacon currently does not rearm, since this is not supposed to be automated operations. But if I was at Net Control, I would want my beacon to automatically "Rearm After Disconnect" so other field stations can find and connect without manual intervention from me. Net Control is busy enough without having to remember...

* vbdigi - In our testing it was possible for a remote station to slowly "drag" my tone (via AFC) up/down to a tone frequency where vbdigi could no longer operate. I would like to see a vbdigi option that would lock my node down to a specific tone, but still allow for AFC within certain (definable?) limits. Reason: Again, if I was a Net Control station I would not want someone else, whether accidental or malicious, to drag my tone to a useless region on the spectrum. Plus all other field stations would expect Net Control to be at a certain tone within +/- amount.

Lastly, one of our testers is using an IC-V8000 and notices that whenever the radio transmits the cooling fan comes on. This is normal operation, except that the "Green Bar" signal strength goes to 100% when the fan is running. Anybody else notice this? I don't see this on my D700 when the fan comes on. I have a feeling the fan noise is being injected into the audio somewhere before the laptop.

Thank you! 73!!
-Jeff Nast
Knife River, MN

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