/W Sound Blaster Live Value

"Sam Saladino" <ortracr@...>

I built this computer about 10 years ago and it's growing whiskers,
but still does about 95% of what I want it to. The sound card I'm
using is the old Creative Labs Sound Blaster LIVE Value. Just in case
someone else is using this card and it's driving you nuts, I thought
I'd include this information. Last week when I first installed the
NBEMS Suite I hooked it up through the LINE IN jack on my soundcard.
For the first couple of days I could hear the signals coming through
my speakers, but nothing was showing up on the VBdigi display. Friday
morning I thought I'd take another look and I was surprised to find
the Waterfalls being displayed all over the place. Another attempt
later on Friday again showed nothing.

Today I've un-installed and reinstalled the programs several times
with no change.. still no waterfalls. I'd move the patch cord from the
LINE IN to Microphone In and get the waterfalls, but every time I went
back to LINE IN, nothing. So I thought I'd come here to see if anyone
else had posted a similar problem, and while glancing through the
posts stumbled across the solution on my own. In the Creative Surround
Mixer program, on the far right is the recording control that you use
to choose which input the recording portion of the program will use to
record. I clicked on that and changed from Microphone Input to LINE
IN and there were the Waterfalls showing up all over the display
again. So apparently even if you see and hear them, they won't go to
the NBEMS program unless that selection is made, at least on this card.

Sam NW9T

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