Re: RTTY Invert Capability?

Ed <autek@...>

k6ask wrote:
Is there an RTTY capability for inverting character detection? It would be very handy to have a button available to toggle non-invert/invert because some RTTY stations often have their signal inverted. At present, when one moves from one signal to another, because of this some are immediately legible and some are not.
Perhaps this function is available and I just havn't found it.
Bob - K6ASK
Not in the main window , but there is a choice in the setup area to do so. But it requires some extra keystrokes to invoke and return to the default. Plus I have found that a station that is inverted quickly learns to get right-side-up when no one is answering their calls.

USB RTTY is the default in NBEMSham and works perfectly, with no problems decoding. I know this is not the "norm" for RTTY, but it works and works well.


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