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Hi Larry,

My radio is a D700, FM only... not a biggie. Way up here in the sticks there isn't any SSB traffic in the lower end of the 2m band. I'll check out a location in 146.xx for us FMers. Thanks!

On January 27, the 25th running of the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon will start ( Being President of the club (BARC, ) that provides communications for the race, I would love to have digital file transfer communications at net control, road crossings and checkpoints. I have asked our race volunteers to equip themselves with the NBEMS and we will test it out along the course using 2m, 80 and 40. It remains to be seen how many will show up with the right equipment. I'll follow up with a report after the race.

Jeff Nast

larrytkc@... wrote:

My FT897d only does 5 kHz steps in the FM mode, the reference to 144.144 is for SSB mode. The lower part of 2M is usually reserved for CW/SSB modes. Try your rig using USB (or DIG) mode - BTW using a simplex freq @... in FM mode, works great and brings in a lot more Hams that don't have SSB capability.
Perhaps in the future we can try some "0 region" 80/40 M VBdigi? It might prove interesting to check out.
73 & GL on the waterfall,
Larry kb0emb
KC metro
In a message dated 1/11/2008 12:33:23 AM Central Standard Time, jpnast@... writes:

Noticed in VBdigi that the 2m default frequency is 144.144 with the
tone at 144.145.

Not sure about your radios, but I can't tune to 144.144 because my 2m
radio only allows 5kHz steps... closest I can get it 144.145.

I deleted the default and put in my own. Perhaps change the default?

Thank you!!!!
-Jeff Nast

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