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My FT897d only does 5 kHz steps in the FM mode, the reference to 144.144 is for SSB mode. The lower part of 2M is usually reserved for CW/SSB modes. Try your rig using USB (or DIG) mode - BTW using a simplex freq @... in FM mode, works great and brings in a lot more Hams that don't have SSB capability.
Perhaps in the future we can try some "0 region" 80/40 M VBdigi? It might prove interesting to check out.
73 & GL on the waterfall,
Larry kb0emb
KC metro
In a message dated 1/11/2008 12:33:23 AM Central Standard Time, writes:
Noticed in VBdigi that the 2m default frequency is 144.144 with the
tone at 144.145.

Not sure about your radios, but I can't tune to 144.144 because my 2m
radio only allows 5kHz steps... closest I can get it 144.145.

I deleted the default and put in my own. Perhaps change the default?

Thank you!!!!
-Jeff Nast

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