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Hi Skip -

I am actually using gmail and PSKmail...

My problem with PSKmail is getting communications between PSKmail and
Sylpheed set up - I assume that the same sort of setup takes place for

I can see the e-mails coming thru PSKmail, but they never seem to make it
to Sylpheed - I assume because some file pointer or path is not set correctly


From this page:


E-mail Application Setup Basics
Setting up access to the AOL® or AIM® Mail servers is simple, and the
settings are similar for most e-mail applications.

The basic information that you need to setup using IMAP and POP3 is as

a.. Your e-mail address is screenname@... or screenname@....
b.. Be sure to include the @... or @... suffix.
c.. The incoming mail (POP) server address is: and for IMAP and or for POP3.
d.. Check the box for Leaving messages on the server.
e.. The outgoing mail (SMTP) server address is: or, port: 587.
f.. Your user name is your AOL or AIM screen name.
g.. Your password is your AOL® or AIM® password.

73, Skip KH6TY

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Hi Ed -

I was about to ask the same question of some folks for PSKmail, so I am
quietly watching this list for someone to hopefully answer.

seelyev wrote:
Could someone go thru the settings for a new email account on
Sylpheed. In particular, what do I input for "Server information" I'm
using a home computer and aol.

Do you by chance have a callsign ????


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