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Hi Sam,

Basically you are correct.

If you are going to be in this for any length of time you should
consider getting a interface like the rigblaster, rascals, microkeyer,
etc....They totally isolate the computer from the radio and provide all
the switching which is necessary.

Sam Saladino wrote:
| Software is installed and appears to be working well. Before moving
| on I want to make sure I understand what hardware connections must be
| made between the radio and computer.
|>From the "SPEAKER OUT" of the radio goes to the "MICROPHONE IN" of the
| sound card. This is accomplished with a patch cord with proper
| connectors on each end. (Yes/No?)
| The "MICROPHONE IN" of the radio goes to the "SPEAKER OUT" of the
| sound card. Also accomplished with a patch cord and proper connectors
| on each end. (Yes/No?)
| The PTT circuit of the radio can be controlled either through using
| one of the Serial Ports of the computer, or separate manual switch or
| manual Send/Receive switch on radio. (Yes/No?)
| Questions...
| 1. The mode on the radio is set to SSB?
| 2. Is there anything else that has to be connected between the
| connections from radio (mic/speaker) and connections to computer to
| the sound card other than the patch cords? Or anything you'd
| recommend to prevent RF getting into the computer during transmit
| along the patch cords? ie ferrite beads, cores, or anything else?
| I'm pretty much a newbie to this facet of Ham Radio and the only thing
| I've done in the past is receive a variety of digital signals on my
| computer using the soundcard, but never attempted to transmit. Any
| and all suggestions and help are appreciated. Thanks.
| 73s
| Sam NW9T
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