Hardware Connections

"Sam Saladino" <ortracr@...>

Software is installed and appears to be working well. Before moving
on I want to make sure I understand what hardware connections must be
made between the radio and computer.

From the "SPEAKER OUT" of the radio goes to the "MICROPHONE IN" of the
sound card. This is accomplished with a patch cord with proper
connectors on each end. (Yes/No?)

The "MICROPHONE IN" of the radio goes to the "SPEAKER OUT" of the
sound card. Also accomplished with a patch cord and proper connectors
on each end. (Yes/No?)

The PTT circuit of the radio can be controlled either through using
one of the Serial Ports of the computer, or separate manual switch or
manual Send/Receive switch on radio. (Yes/No?)


1. The mode on the radio is set to SSB?
2. Is there anything else that has to be connected between the
connections from radio (mic/speaker) and connections to computer to
the sound card other than the patch cords? Or anything you'd
recommend to prevent RF getting into the computer during transmit
along the patch cords? ie ferrite beads, cores, or anything else?

I'm pretty much a newbie to this facet of Ham Radio and the only thing
I've done in the past is receive a variety of digital signals on my
computer using the soundcard, but never attempted to transmit. Any
and all suggestions and help are appreciated. Thanks.

Sam NW9T

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