80 meter NBEMS

Ed <autek@...>

Well for all you sleepy heads that missed the run this morning, here is a brief run down.

I ran across Skip KH6TY, I was calling cq nbems with psk63. I started the beacon and once connected we transferred several files in psk125 as well as mfsk16. Some observations.

1. Don't be too quick, give flarq time.

2. Band conditions are going to dictate the mode.

3. Learn how to use the plain talk function.

4. Make sure your files are in arqsend

5. Block size depends on mode and the band.

6. Check your time out setting. I had to bump mine up to 300 seconds.

I'll be on again in the morning. 3578.5 +1500 around 5:00 A.M. EST.

Tonite is still undecided.


fldigi/flarq Linux

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