Re: NBEMS Testing

Ed <autek@...>

Well at least we got the pot stirred. Not much value to installing software and then not using it. My objective was to get some feel for how NBEMS works **BEFORE** we need to use it in a real emergency.

I sure picked the wrong part of the band, there were digital signals everywhere, and finding a clear spot was difficult. If I try it again this evening I'm going to need to find a better spot, probably lower in the band.

Travis KE3Y, I never did hear you, Tim N4UM, I printed you calling, but just once. Dave, WB2HVF, you were the strongest and I still don't understand why we couldn't connect once I started the beacon. The only successful connect was KI8AF and his track was barely visible in the waterfall.

As Travis pointed out, we need to make a normal keyboard to keyboard, before we even try flarq. It doesn't matter which op starts the beacon after that. If you need a file to transfer, go to the files area and download Travis's contribution called Make sure you place it in the arqsend folder so you can find it easily. The added bonus is that it is a program you can use once it is downloaded. I would also suggest you make a small file in case its needed. Mine is 482 bytes.

As crowded as the band was last night, QRM was just about unavoidable.

I'm also going to setup an email to send, hopefully we can see how and what is needed for it to work.

Thanks to Skip KH6TY and Dave W1HKJ for their efforts.


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