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Dave AFA1HV <afa1hv@...>

Hi everyone.
It was an interesting test to say the least.
After discontinuing my attempts to allow someone else to try, I noticed the MFSK stations moved up a bit. In reading the mail they feel we stepped on their toes. If I did, I'm sorry. I think part of the misunderstanding with other operators is the fact that once we go into the ARQ or beacon mode we are in a semi-automatic mode but they, not understanding the new system, feel they can jump in on the frequency if no one else comes back.
I have had a successful connect several weeks ago and I did show a connect to you Ed but I do not know your end confirmed it. You had a good strong signal here also and it should have worked. Our direct keyboard to keyboard seemed to work ok.
But this is what BETA testing is all about.
Maybe we need to do our psk testing more toward the psk area of the band.

Ed wrote:

Bill McLaughlin wrote:
Hi Ed,

I see a a few there: yourself, WB2HVF, KI8AF and N4UM. Perhaps once
connected the beacon should not activate?

See colliding signals due to that. Signals from all were very good but
a bit congested.


Bill N9DSJ
First off, thanks to all who tried to connect. KI8AF was the weakest and
the only one to successfully connect. WB2HVF was the strongest, but we
never did connect. Then a MFSK-16 station opened up right on frequency,
so I moved up band a little. Only to be clobbered by a RTTY station
calling CQ. I have my TX locked, but I noticed my AFC had to move quite
a bit to copy some of you.

Here is the lineup for tomorrow. I'll be on 3578.5 +1500 at 5:00 A.M EST
in the morning. If that QRG is busy Ill try 3576.0 +1500 and will CQ and
beacon for an hour PSK63. The evening foray will depend on the YL's plans.

I was dismayed to see that one of the offending MFSK-16 stations is a
member of this list. Hopefully the QRM was unintentional.

Good night all...73 and thanks again.


Using fldigi/flarq Linux version of NBEMS

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