Re: OFDM Modes FINAL test release

Bruce Bohannon WA1YZN

Hello All, listened this morning from SW NH on 80M. To weak most of the time. It did change modes automatically a couple of times. I will try to listen when I have time.

Bruce WA1YZN

Swanzey, NH

On 3/1/2021 22:58, KL4YFD ham wrote:

Ok, so SEVENTH times the charm I hope for the OFDM modes, hihi.

Have posted what is hopefully the FINAL revision for the OFDM modes test-binary.
Wanted to get this out tonight, so people can have it downloaded intime for tomorrows testing.

Changes this time:
 - More robust OFDM-500F (survives 2-second fades, stronger FEC)
 - OFDM "F" modes use RSID as header and AFC mechanism (no matter the RSID settings)
 - Removed temporary modem-header (1-second less start-delay now)

The OFDM-500F updates were made to better survive real-world fades seen on NVIS.
Here is a sample OFDM-500F signal, with multiple 2-second loss-of-signal.
Even with two fade-outs of 2-seconds each, its 100% decode!

Thanks to everyone for the testing,
John Phelps

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