Re: FLDIGI WX Macros do not work in ver 4.1.18

Bruce Bohannon WA1YZN

Thank you Dave, Yes, they both work now.

Thank you for all the work you do.


Bruce WA1YZN

On 2/13/2021 07:17, Dave wrote:
Fixed and will be posted in current development alpha later this morning.  Thank you for the bug report.

73, David, W1HKJ

On 2/12/21 9:33 PM, Bruce Bohannon WA1YZN wrote:

Hi Dave and All, the<WX> macro  does in fact work. I think some folks are using the  <WX:xxxx> macro and that does not work in version 4.1.18. It does work in version 4.1.17.


Bruce WA1YZN

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