Re: FLDIGI WX Macros do not work in ver 4.1.18

Bruce Bohannon WA1YZN

Hi Dave and All, the<WX> macro  does in fact work. I think some folks are using the  <WX:xxxx> macro and that does not work in version 4.1.18. It does work in version 4.1.17.


Bruce WA1YZN

On 2/12/2021 19:05, Dave wrote:
What part of does not work do I not understand?

73, David, W1HKJ

On 2/12/21 5:22 PM, Michael Pyzoha wrote:
Bruce I downloaded and no change the WX macros do not activate. Using 4.1.17 the WX macros work as always.  I downloaded 4.1.18 AGAIN in case a poor lo\ad and no change,  I may just wait until the next full update happens as these WX macros not working are not that critical and with a couple laptops I can always use 4.1.17 if I really want to check the weather on FLDIGI.
Thanks for your effort Bruce appreciate your time.
73 Mick N3OJP

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