Mac M1 FLRIG Testing Issues on IC-705 #flrig


Per the email I got in the 22nd of this month, I was just doing some testing of the software on a Mac mini, Big Sur 11.1 with the M1 processor. Installation for FLRIG and FLDIGI went as documented - no problems there. Noticed some issues with FLRIG:

First off, I also use WSJT-X v2.2.2 which does not know about the Icom 705. Their instructions have users set their 705 CI-V hex address from the default of A4h to 94h, then tell WSJT-X to specify rig = IC-7300 and that works fine. So, when I started up FLRIG I told it my radio was a 7300, although it does have the 705 listed as a choice. Anyway, it "appears" to work, as the commands in FLRIG, when it does start, work as they should.

Second, FLRIG does not always start. Half the time it gets 2/3 into the startup and hangs with a spinning beachball. Have to Force Quit it.

Third, when I exit FLRIG, it sends the radio back to the frequency where it was sitting at startup. Does not matter if I change frequency on the 705 or in FLDIGI - it still send the 705 back to the frequency where it was at startup. Unfortunately I can't recall if this was the case in prior versions or not. If so, sorry... :-)

In the mean time I'll try testing FLDIGI.

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