fldigi alpha posted to



Apple dmg's built with hamlib-4.0~git library.

Mon Jan 25 06:24:00 2021 -0600  alpha

  flarq build
    * fix broken build for ./configure --disable-fldigi --enable-debug

  Exit processing
    * Set PTT off if user elects to close fldigi with PTT enabled.
      - works for both Files/Exit and the dreaded windows decoration bar 'X' button.

  Scheduled Macro
    * Add PTT OFF during scheduled count down
    * Add clock display on status bar during scheduled count down
    * remove end-of-line '\n' white space between macro tags, i.e.
        <LOCAL><!SKED:12:00>how now brown cow<RX>
        ^!^!how now brown cow
      after parser substitutions
    * Add space ' ' to end of inserted file <FILE:...> if file does
      not contain either ' ' or '\n' as last character

    * flrig detection update

  flarq debug
    * fix to allow --enable-debug with flarq build

  Doc update
    * CW CAT keying, add IC705 to list of tested transceivers

  Version 4.1.17

M1 compatible dmg posted at http://www.w1hkj.com/bigsur/

Follow the instructions in the HOWTO.txt

73, David, W1HKJ

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