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Are you referencing this on-line help?

Windows has not changed default file locations since Vista.  The locations are the same for 7/8/10.

Command line parameters

Flmsg may be invoked from the command line (or parameters added to the launcher target).

–flmsg-dir "full-path-name-of-folder for all FLMSG folders"
–auto-dir "full-path-name-of-folder for autosend files"
auto-dir and flmsg-dir can be separate and unique
–p FILENAME - print and exit
–b FILENAME - print and stay open

The –p and –b options are used by fldigi when it automatically opens flmsg to display a received flmsg data file.

The –flmsg-dir parameter is used to change the default location of all of the files associated with flmsg. This should match with the same command parameter passed to fldigi. This allows the user to run multiple instances of flmsg / fldigi with each keyed to the other. For example the user might have separate flmsg/fldigi pairs for HF, VHF etc.

The default is:

XP - C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\NBEMS.files\
Vista/Win7 - C:\Users\<username>\NBEMS.files\
Linux/Unix/OS X - $HOME/.nbems/

The –auto-dir parameter is used to further change the name of the folder used to contain the file that is sent automatically by fldigi. Fldigi's command line parameter –auto-dir must match. This is in addition to and over rides the –flmsg-dir parameter.

The default is:

XP - C: and Settings<username>.files<br> Vista/Win7 - C:<username>.files<br> Linux/Unix/OS X - $HOME/.nbems/WRAP/auto/

73, David, W1HKJ

On 1/9/21 12:41 AM, John Lemmer W6FQX wrote:
How can I set the default location for Save and Save As flmsg messages to be the same as the default location for received messages?
c:\Users\{my user name}\NBEMS.files\ICS\messages

Windows 10 computer.  Note that the Online Help file section for this has not been updated since Windows XP

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