AndFlmsg Introductory presentation pdf file posted

Ole Helgerson KI7MBR


I posted a pdf of a 24 slide introductory presentation on AndFlmsg that I gave to two audiences this November 2020.

The file name; 2020.NOV.AndFlmsgPresentation.KI7MBR.

The central goal was to demonstrate that AndFlmsg+android phone+HT radio = low cost, easy to use, data logger and transmitter for emcomm use.

The thoughts reflect my own perspective and may not reflect the practice or policy of any amateur radio organizations that I am currently a member of.

It is hoped that sharing this presentation provides a starting point toward achieving timely and accurate field data acquisition and forwarding to the end user.

Please feel free to adapt or use as you wish. Please credit using " adapted from KI7MBR 2020..." or something similar.

Kind thanks to John VK2ETA for recently adding SMS ability to AndFlmsg and to Dave W1HJK and team for the FLDigi suite.

Feedback welcome.  73, KI7MBR Ole Helgerson

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