Receive audio not resuming after transmit -- fldigi 4.1.16

Mark Hunn - KI7SI

I'm installing fldigi on computer that's new to my shack and am getting an error where the program does not resume receiving audio after transmitting. I'm running fldgi 4.1.16 under Windows 10 on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. The radio is an ICOM IC-7300 and I'm using its internal soundcard over USB with port audio and the appropriate devices selected. On initial boot of the program everything appears normal with signals appearing in the waterfall. On the first attempt to transmit, the waterfall shifts to monitoring the outgoing signal as expected, but when the program attempts to return to receive, the waterfall freezes and nothing is decoded. Subsequent attempts to transmit succeed, but the program will not successfully return to receive. Here's what the event log is showing:

I'm not having any difficulty with Winlink Express and VARA HF, so I don't believe this is a hardware issue on my end, and VARA shifting between transmit and receive leads me to believe that it's not a strictly Windows issue.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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