Re: AndFlmsg

Ole Helgerson KI7MBR

Hi Craig,

Thanks.  All good points here.  I gave my talk also to a second audienc via Zoome; Yakima County ARES at their November meeting last night.  Also have been in contact today with one of the folks who helps with the PDX NET-Net.  The main point I wanted to impart was that by installing AndFlmsg into an Android phone (or other device), one literally has, in hand, a powerful and flexible, data logging and transmission device for emergency use that is relatively low cost and which is easy to use.

There was one request to post the slides here.  I am ok with that if the file size (~3700 kb, *.pdf) does not exceed any size limits.   My talk is introductory in nature, touching briefly on; voice and digital, Winlink and Fldigi, how AndFlmsg+phone+radio can interface with other systems, options for connecting phone and radio, some results from three Androids and Linux laptop working with three radios, a brief primer on filling and sending an ics form via radio, gmail and SMS, where to find the *.apk and info, and ending with conclusions, recommendations and thoughts on emcomm use.  24 slides total.

I'd offer that if possible to do so, posting your presentation could provide further useful perspective on AndFlmsg, especially with any examples of actual field use and data routing.  And integrating an an iphone into the mix.  Who'd a thought....

73,  KI7MBR  Ole

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