Alpha version of AndFlmsg - Contestia modes and slow THOR and DominoEx modes

John (vk2eta)


Here is an Alpha version of AndFlmsg with the following changes:

1. Added Contestia modes and RSIDs. Sending of Flmsg messages is blocked in these modes since the character set is too constrained.

2. The free text entry field in the terminal screen survives the change of screens. So if you swipe to the modem screen and back, the text typed in is now preserved. Also when the Send Text key is pressed, the text entered is cleared.

3. Added all the DominoEx and Thor modes that were missing, plus their RSIDs (eg THOR5 and others).

4. So changes to the size of the waterfall (still work in progress). 

Please test and report.


Thanks and 73,

John (VK2ETA)

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