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Ole Helgerson KI7MBR

Hi Craig,

Greetings to Coos County from Skamania county.

A couple of questions if I could re windshield reports.  Do you use standard ICS forms, your own custom forms? 

What does the data flow look like from the observer with HT+Android to presumably EOC?

Are you using audio connection between phone and HT? Easy Digi or other interface?


Thanks in advance,  Ole, KI7MBR Carson  WA

On Sat, Nov 14, 2020 at 6:29 PM Craig Lundborg <KD7CL@...> wrote:
Loving the program... i have given two presentations and over half of the group had it loaded and working for the final demo... wonderful program.
Just a note... for years all my friends that had iphones always looked down at me and my Android with that "Sucks to be you" look... lol...Thank you Dave for the format, we are using it for windshield reports and field boots on the ground during ARES and EYEWARN exercises.
Craig   KD7CL
Coos County EC


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