Re: Beware macOS V11.0.1

Vince N2JRS

I feel your pain. I use an application called SARTrak for public service events. The developer had a propensity for pushing updates at the most inopportune times. (Thankfully, the app is much more stable, and updates are much less more frequent.) The beauty of the updates is that you HAD to do the update or it wouldn’t work. And yes, the night before an event is when an update rolled out. Had to update all the laptops at 5AM. Good times.


Vince N2JRS


From: [] On Behalf Of Guy
Sent: Saturday, November 14, 2020 1:08 PM
Subject: [nbems] Beware macOS V11.0.1


Cuppertino moved my MBP  and iMAC to macOS "Big Sur" v11.0.1 overnight. Whoopie!
0930 today was our countywide Fall SET. The entire family of Fldigi programs opened as great white blobs of non-functionality.
Obviously, things did not go well on this end.
 Looking forward to fix in Fldigi "The Next Generation". Anyone have an idea of a release date?
Until then it's back to the pc. Ugh!


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