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Harry Bloomberg

Built successfully under Ubuntu 20.04.01 LTS and I was able to control my IC-705.  I will be doing some portable operating tomorrow.  Thanks!

Harry Bloomberg W3YJ

On Fri, Oct 30, 2020 at 6:54 AM Dave <w1hkj@...> wrote:
73, David, W1HKJ

Fri Oct 30 04:53:33 2020 -0500

Version 1.3.52

  Documentation Update

    * fix mic gain control for FT450 and FT450D
      - transceiver only returns 3 levels for mic gain.

    * add band selection

  24 user buttons
    * Increase number of user defined buttons to 24

    * fix slow start caused by font fixed/proportional enumeration
      - fixed point evaluator moved to separate thread during first
        instantiation of Font_Browser class.  Actual time to enumerate
        2650 fonts on an i5 3.2 GHz system is approximately 25
        seconds.  Background process does not effect UI, but selection
        of fixed fonts in font browser dialog may not show all of the
        fixed fonts until the evaluator thread exits.

    * code changes specific to i7 processor

  Memory Bank
    * Correct/add memory bank read/write for the following transceivers
      - 7100
      - Xiegu-G90

  Memory leaks
    * fix memory leaks in xmlrpc interface code
    * fix memory leaks in xcvr_setup code

    * Correct mode select cat string

  UI wide resize
    * save and restore width of UI wide

  Extras Dialog
    * code clean up
    * allow user to resize horizontal dimension
    * always open beneath, aligned and adjacent to the main dialog

    * Add Icom 705 transceiver
      - based on IC7300
      - added DV mode to mode select

  gpio PTT
    * add Pi gpio PTT capability

  Memory UI
    * Add header line to browser
    * Increase font sizes
    * Change to user resizable dialog

  meter image
    * fix bug which caused alc/swr meter to display
      wrong image after change of bands / tune

    * Add bandwidth table.
    * Remove reference to 746Pro in class methods

  Xiegu G90
    * Added G90 transceiver backend
      - modeled after Icom 7100

  FreqControl Update
    * Simplify frequency control widget

  regex lib
    * remove -lregex from build

    * remove all references to clock_gettime

  PTT polling
    * add PTT to polling controls
      - disable PTT polling by setting control to zero

    * add get_trace statement to get_ptt method

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