Re: Transmit audio level for FM VHF?

Steve Bellner

Neil, W0NRP,

I may be answering the wrong question but this has been my experience with HF sound card and VHF sound card settings using a signalink.

On HF you put the radio power on 100 % and adjust the power level with the signalink TX pot. You can adjust it down to 1 or 2 watts. I usually set mine to about 25 to 35 watts depending on the band and conditions.

While observing the waterfall on FLdigi, adjust the RX pot until you have about 50% yellow and 50% blue. This will bring out the weak signals but not too weak.

For VHF you can hit the tune button in the program and listen on your HT. Adjust theTX volume up until it is distorted then adjust it down until it is undistorted.

This also works for VHF using other sound card modes.


Steve / W8TER

On 10/26/2020 1:13 AM, Neil Preston W0NRP via wrote:

The operating manual explains how to set the transmit audio for an HF transceiver, but seems to give no guidance for setting up the audio for VHF FM. 
We have the (unverified) information that the recommended deviation level is approximately 3 KHz.

We have been struggling with this in our training nets, and most of us do not have deviation measurement capability. 
What methods might allow us to make some kind of reasonable estimate of our audio level when using a SignaLink?


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