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Tue Oct 27 21:32:00 2020 -0500  version

    * change sample rate to be keyed to cw decoder samplerate
      fixes frequency tracking in CW browser

  Canadian Provinces
    * update user configuration panel

    * nullptr is defined in _null.h

    * fix kml file clean up code

    * update to current gcc version

  Add MFSK Wide Modes
    * Add MFSK-32WIDE and MFSK-64WIDE
    - for both Shortwave Radiogram and Amateur usage
    - heavier constraint length 15 FEC (8-bit error correction)
    - 3.8 second interleaver (3,840 msec)
    - more robust MFSK for long transmissions (radiogram, flamp, etc)

  Phase and FEC quality display
    * Add phase-accuracy display for PSK modes (non-PSK31)
    * Added better FEC confidence code to THOR

  Add new platform optimizations
    * added new --enable-optimizations options to ./configure
      - RaspberryPi 1,2,3,4 [rpi1, rpi2, rpi3, rpi4]
      - BeagleBone Black [bbb]
      - Cyclone5 [cyclone5]
      - Optimize for sse4 [sse4]
      - Use AVX extensions [avx, avx2]
      - i486, i686 [i486, i686]
      - x86-64 [x86-64]
      - ARM CPU-native [nativeARM]

  Updated Doxygen Sourcecode Docs
    * Now renders to SVG for graphics (doxygen 1.18)
    * Fixed scripts for Cppcheck 1.9 changes
    * Added auto-installer for packages on Debian-like systems
    * Improved main page: index.html

    * fix slow start caused by font fixed/proportional enumeration
      - fixed evaluator moved to separate thread during first
        instantiation of Font_Browser class.  Actual time to enumerate
        2650 fonts on an i5 3.2 GHz system is approximately 25
        seconds.  Background process does not effect UI, but selection
        of fixed fonts in font browser dialog may not show all of the
        fixed fonts until the evaluator thread exits.

  PSK Reporter query
    * request fails to pskreporter
      - caused by hard coded request to NWS
      - pskreporter site very slow in responding
        to connect request; caused UI to freeze.
        . change request process to separate thread

  Logbook compile warning
    * replace strncpy with "*comma_position ="

  Version 4.1.15  ...

73, David, W1HKJ

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