Re: flamp will not receive

Bruce Bohannon WA1YZN

Hi, not sure why your local group can not help you. Are in the TX window or the Receive window of FLamp when trying to receive?

Bruce WA1YZN

On 9/12/2020 18:08, Kyle wrote:
I am a fairly new ham and have been learning to use the nbems/fldigi suite with my local ARES group on an VHF repeater.

I'm using a FTM-400XDR with a signalink and a rPi 4.

So far I have had success with fldigi, flmsg, and flarq.  I have even been able to transmit a file with flamp.  When I try to receive a file via flamp I see the data in fldigi, but the flamp window never populates.  I am at a loss as to what could be the problem.


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