update to nanoIO / fldigi for MORTTY V4


fldigi corrects WPM timing issues with MORTTY used with nanoIO sketch versions 1.4.0 and 1.4.1,


nanoIO sketch 1.4.1 provides improved dot-dash-space timing,


If you elect to install the nanoIO sketch version 1.4.1 be sure to set the sketch baud to the desired rate, default is 9600.

Accurate WPM timing requires some compensation to achieve very accurate results.

Open the fldigi configuration dialog to the nanoCW panel

Select the correct port, set the baud to 9600 or the baud compiled into the sketch.  Press the connect.  The connect may take a second or two.  When connected the "CW i/o" indicator will be checked and the status echo displayed in the text panel.

Execute the WPM compensation by:

  • set the "Comp'" value to zero.
  • set the Comp' WPM to your anticipated default value (compensation is good over a +/- 10 WPM range)
    The next step will transmit a full 1 minute of "PARIS " at the compensation WPM rate.  You might want to use a dummy load or QRP power level
  • press the "Test ==>" button
    at the conclusion of the 1 minute transmission, the compensation value will be computed and displayed in the "Comp'" control.
  • Press the Adjust button to send that value to the MORTTY.
  • clear the text panel (right click and select clear)
  • press the Status button to read the status and insure that the "corr usec" is OK.
  • press the Save button to write the status contents to the Arduino ROM.

You can tweak the "Comp'" value if you are not satisfied with the computed value.

Results shown for 24 WPM compensation on Windows 7.  The compensation is primarly a correction for read/write on the Arduino serial port and will be dependent on the OS and OS version.

You can perform the test again and the transmit time should be within 20 milliseconds of 1 minute.

73, David, W1HKJ

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