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Thu Jul 2 19:38:16 2020 - Version 1.3.51
  Doc Update
    * Update transceiver listings
    * Update configuration tabs
    * Separate parts of existing text into topic files
    * Add CW keyer documentation

  FT991A power
    * modify quadratic conversion of meter reading to power out

  signed / unsigned comparison
    * correct mixed comparisons

  User configurable CW/PTT
    * Add user enable/disable PTT when transceiver in a CW mode

    * change all references from long to unsigned long int

  check ptt
    * add serial mutex guard_lock

    * monitor PTT state changes made at transceiver

    * added basic freq / mode support

  CW server
    * add CW generator using DTR or RTS signal line
      - shared serial port with CAT i/o
      - separate serial port
    * add separate CW keyboard / mouse dialog
      - function key macros
      - live keyboard CW
      - buffer transmit keying on/off
    * xmlrpc controls with new control interface
      - rig.cwio_wpm NNN - set wpm
      - rig.cwio_text text... - append text to transmit buffer
      - rig.cwio_send 1/0 - enable/disable keying
        . starts buffer transmission if buffer contains text
    * add user selectable PTT or Break-in keying

    * add get_mic_gain

  xml server
    * Add a configuration item for xml server port
    * Implement changing xml server port during execution

    * clean up code

  Icom transceivers
    * IC7300 Correct debug string for get_pbt_outer, get_pbt_inner
    * Detect out-of-bounds BCD return values to
      both VFO and MODE queries when the the xcvr
      is in a memory vice vfo setting and the memory
      channel has not been programmed.
      - transceiver response is a single xFF
      - force flrig frequency to zero
      - force flrig mode to LSB, filter to zero

    * correct get SWR method

    * add mic gain get/set
    * add compression get/set
    * add SWR, Power Out tables

  CW sideband
    * fix read sideband code in IC7100, IC7200 and IC7300

    * Add Xiegu-5105 transceiver, based on IC7000

  Linux serial devices
    * remove std::cout statement
    * make serial combo user editable

    * erroneous character in m4 script

73, David, W1HKJ

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