Re: Flmsg Transfer Direct


Thank you Frank,

This morning on the Pa NBEMS net I noticed that I received 5 messages all in one received message dialog window. I'm trying to figure out why sometimes 2 windows appear.

I think I have an answer to messages received with errors. One message I knew had an error but I didn't receive the dialog that said errors open anyway. I didn't know there was an error until I clicked view message. Usually a message with errors would have the name bad file but this one had a normal name.

73, Ron NY3J

On 6/21/20 8:58 AM, Frank N3FLL via wrote:

I had the same thing happen, same drill in Chester County PA ,  one Received Msg Dialog window was open with most of the messages but four others  appeared in  separate Received Msg dialog windows. 

Frank N3FLL  

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