Re: VHF/UHF dual band analog FM radio for FLdigi

Bruce Bohannon WA1YZN

Hi George, I use a Kenwood TM-D710A/E. It works very much like the Icom they are using now, in that it has a dual band screen. You can monitor two VHF, two UHF, or VHF/UHF frequencies together. I have two of these radio's and I would not hesitate buying another one. The TM-71A would also be a very good choice. A little less expensive than the 710.

Bruce WA1YZN

On 6/5/2020 07:34, Ken Downs wrote:
I've used a Kenwood TM-V71A for years with great results on packet and NBEMS modes as well as
analog voice. I can't remember whether I ever used it in a hospital (high QRM) environment. I do
remember the Icom that New London Hosp has needed a good bandpass filter in the antenna line
to keep out the pager and ambulance vhf comms. I can not say how the Kenwood could compare.


On Fri, 05 Jun 2020 04:26:28 -0700, "George Blakeslee" <george.blakeslee@...> wrote:

Our New Hampshire ARES is looking to upgrade our hospital network.
We are looking for recommendations for a VHF/UHF dual band FM radio model that either has a data port for connecting a soundcard, or a built-in soundcard port, that would let us connect a PC for FLdigi data TX/RX.  George  N1GB

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