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Vince N2JRS

If you enter values into the form in your browser window and hit the “Submit Form” button at the bottom, the data will populate into the fields in the open flmsg window, and you can save the .k2s file from there.

Vince N2JRS



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I can understand the frustration....



If I recall correctly  (and I just woke up after a long nap)  after you have  moved all of the CUSTOM  FORMS  in your  

NBEMS/CUSTOM  folder,  you want to open a blank form and check


EDIT FORM  and now enter values, and then  SAVE AS  with a new name that makes sense to you.  I save these within the  /NBEMS  folder


Do  not click on   VIEW  form  until you actually have a SAVED file with your data.


But maybe my memory is faulty!

Try this and get back to us,




On Jun 4, 2020, at 2:13 PM, Dennis Rosenblitt via <pitblitt@...> wrote:

Hi All
I downloaded the Red Cross forms from Sourceforge. I then extracted the files. I then copied each one and dropped it into the custom file. I clicked on the flmsg > forms>custom and all nine files showed there. All were in html extensions. I clicked on one of the files and it opened in edit view. I clicked on "view form" and the form opened but it was not interactive though the line around the box became darker if I clicked on that box. i couldn't put any information in the box. I did auto send and it only sent the title of the form. Do I have to transfer these to templates?
Dennis WD6DSG

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