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A declared emergency has no impact on the rules. There are basically two exceptions from the established rules. In an actual (not training or preparation) life or death situation when *no other means of communication are available* limited communications may be made by any means to seek assistance. The FCC intent on this rule was in cases of exceeding one's license class, e.g. a Technician Class operating on 20 meters to get help. The other rule exception is in the form of an STA (Special Temporary Authorization) requested through the FCC authorizing something special. For instance, several STAs were issued after Hurricane Katrina allowing certain ham stations to interface with local broadcast stations for dissemination of emergency information. The declared emergency was the justification for the request.

Michael WA7SKG

Wayne Santos wrote on 3/29/20 9:40 AM:

What about during a declared emergency?
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Thanks to all who answered. I’m surprised my own search didn’t pick
up the emissions chart John posted. Gotta love Google ads clogging
up search results. After looking at the charts on
<>,  and the Part 97 definition of image modes, I
found that none of the modes in Fldigi qualify as image modes. Oh
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The reason for the question had to do with nets. On SHARES nets
(government frequencies) we are able to send digital messages on the
voice net frequency (we use MT63-1K-L), which improves the
efficiency of the net. There is no repeated moving off to a new
frequency, retuning, etc.. The thought is that if a legal “image”
mode can effectively send forms and documents, just like a fax
machine, we can move the messages in-net as long as it’s low volume.
We would do this until the traffic volume increased to the point
where it’s more efficient to move to an all-digital net for traffic.____
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Back to the drawing board!____
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