Re: FLMsg/FLDigi Interface running on Ubuntu 19.10



Here's a screen shot of my Fldigi, Misc, NBEMS Interface.

Open with flmsg has to be checked. I think you found that out when you said you checked in. So when you receive an Flmsg it will automatically open a new Flmsg if there are no errors or ask you if you want to open it if the checksum doesn't match. When you check Transfer direct to executing flmsg it won't automatically open but it will show you a list of messages that you can open. I don't like this because I've missed messages with errors and didn't know there were errors. I'd rather have every message open. Of course I have 2 monitors and plenty of desktop space :-)

I'm not sure why the Flmsg mode doesn't follow the Fldigi mode. Here's my Flmsg ARQ configuration.

With Sync modem to fldigi checked flmsg should follow fldigi mode changes.

73, Ron NY3J

On 3/26/20 11:37 AM, Bart N5BLP via Groups.Io wrote:
I've been running this stuff on Windows for years and have begun experimenting with ubuntu linux (version 19.10).

I've got FLDigi versioin 4.1.06 running just fine.

With FLMsg version 4.0.11, I'm having trouble getting it to interface properly with FLDigi.  Here's what I've got going on:
    In FLDigi, I have the NBEMS interface configured as follows (the same way I have it configured on my Windows system):
      NBEMS data file interface enabled. Open in message folder DISabled.
      Transfer direct to executing flmsg enabled.
      Open with flmsg and open in browser DISabled.
    In FLMsg, I have it configured to sync modem to FLDigi (also the same way I have it configured on my Windows system).  All other FLMsg configurations are default.

With the above configuration, the received message apparently never gets transferred to FLMsg.  (And yes, I do have it up and running).  Nothing shows up in the Received Messages window or in the main FLMsg window.  Going the other way, Autosend doesn't work.  Nothing goes out.  Also, changing the modem in FLDigi does NOT result in the modem being changed in FLMsg.

I then tried it with Open with flmsg enabled (in FLDigi) and the proper path specified.  With that configuration, a new iteration of FLMsg is started and the message is displayed.  But this way I wind up with multiple iterations running.  Also, going the other way Autosend still doesn't work and the modem still doesn't follow FLDigi.

Any help getting FLMsg and FLDigi to interface properly would be greatly appreciated.

Bart N5BLP

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