Re: FLRIG an ICOM 7200 and a fresh image of Mint #flrig


Open the Mint desktop menu: Menu / Users and Groups.  Select your logon (if more than one).  Select Advanced Settings.

Open the User Privileges tab.  Check every item on the list including "Use modems".  Press OK, reboot.


On 2/2/20 5:37 PM, Brian T Schmidt wrote:
I am having issues with FLRIG connecting to my ICOM 7200. I have double check the data rate (9600), the CI-V (76), and have used the radio with HRD on a WIndows 10 machine. I will also attach some screen shots. Has anyone have any suggestions?

I had it working on a RPI and Raspian but image a old desktop with the latest image of Mint. Everything is working great except for FLRIG. I am also using the latest version of 3.1.49.


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