Re: Custom FLMSG Red Cross form conforming to NTS standard

Larry Levesque

So I am confused.
From the earlier email asking for a more compatible form for NTS and your reply I thought I understood the following:

That it would be preferred if flmsg transmitted the radiogram in its pure text form so it would be easier for NTS to copy and paste this into other means for delivery or further movement within the NTS.

If that is not the case, then why did the thread get started?

On Mon, Jan 27, 2020 at 06:30:37PM -0500, Steve Hansen wrote:

Actually, flmsg's radiogram is very good.

* The user screen is a great guide for someone who's not adept with
the radiogram format.
* With a couple of mouse clicks you can get the text view which is
proper for voicing, cw and digital - in other words, every mode used
within the traffic networks.
* With another couple of mouse clicks you can get an html version that
can be presented to the addressee and is suitable for framing.
* If you have an organizational preference, you can switch the html
header between ARRL and RRI.

If someone sends me an flmsg radiogram via, say, our local NBEMS net I can
open the text view and then inject it into the digital network. Very simple

Now, when I get a radiogram for local delivery and I want to mail it in the
html format (I like to do that with new ham messages. They get the flmsg
html on the top of the page, a somewhat customized letter below and on the
reverse side a FAQ about radiograms. (When I got my license I received a
welcome radiogram on the ARRL postcard, had no idea what it was and then
chucked it.....having some explanation lets new hams know what exactly this
message is and how it got to them.)

That said, when I do that I have to take the text and then copy it into
flmsg's various fields. That takes a few minutes. There is one program
called the NTSD Parser which, while it was designed for other primary
purposes, can actually take the text and convert it to a reasonably good
html form similar to flmsg's form. However, the Parser is rather awkward to
use and the form sometimes does funny things.

I think that the important thing to remember is that there's only one
radiogram format (text) and there are many variations - some better than
others - on the "pretty form." ARRL has theirs, RRI has several fillable
pdfs (lined/unlined/with op data, without op data) e.g.

I'm sure there are more.

73, Steve

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