Re: Custom FLMSG Red Cross form conforming to NTS standard

Steve Hansen

The text output of the flmsg Radiogram form is correctly formatted for transmission by voice, cw or digital. I use it routinely for injection into the Digital Traffic Network (DTN). The form itself is mainly meant for delivery since it explains the fields. It is not compatible within the traffic networks.

73, Steve KB1TCE

RRI DTN Maine/Winlink-RRI Liaison

On 1/26/2020 8:09 PM, Doug K7KY wrote:
We want to pass FLMSG RadioGram traffic to an NTS net, but NTS doesn't work with the FLMSG form.  We're hoping someone here has developed a custom FLMSG RadioGram form compatible with NTS. If so, we'd appreciate the opportunity to use your form.  Thanks in advance for your assistance or advice.  ''  Doug K7KY

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