ICOM IC-F8101 flrig LSB issue

Bliss Wheeler

Flrig and Fldigi run very well together with the IC-F8101. The help reduce the wear and tear on the button controls 
of the radio.. I really appreciate your support of IC-F8101.  

I've run into a little glitch. When it initializes and loads the preferences, it changes the bandwidth of the LSB setting 
to 100 Hz.  It even writes over the Factory setting of the radio, so that when ever I select LSB the default bandwidth
is 100Hz. Normally I could go into Restore and uncheck that feature, but it is grayed out and I can't uncheck the box.
I've even tried to set it in the .pref file but it overwrites it the next time it initializes. It's kind of an issue since you have
to press 5 buttons on radio startup to get to the Factory settings to change it back to 3000 Hz default.

It's kind of a problem setting up MACROS to set different frequencies specifically for the Ham Bands which use the 
LSB setting.

I wonder if I'm missing a setting somewhere.

Any help would be appreciated,

Thank you,
Bliss Wheeler

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