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Thanks for the additions to the form. I'll pass it on to the local folks. The sky warn people like it.

73, Ron NY3J

On 12/27/2019 8:10 PM, John Lemmer W6FQX wrote:
I took the excellent weather reporting form originally from Winlink by KF5SMH and converted by KA1VGM with additions by NY3J and added some specific location identification to the form plus modified some data entries to more accurately describe the data being reported.  This form is attached in ZIP format -- please unzip and put the html form in your ∙∙∙ NBEMS.files/CUSTOM folder to use.
Note that the date entry is in a pop-up calendar and the time entry is in odometer form as supported by the html5 commands.  If your browser does not support html5, just fill in the blanks as if were a text entry.  I see that Winlink does that differently.
My latitude, longitude, and Grid square is just a place holder to suggest the format.  Users will edit the form to put their own data in the blank.  Once done, it is likely that later data entry will be suggested by the operating system or browser and be filled out with the user's data.
Note that the Rain total is for the season -- on the West Coast we tally annual rainfall by the rainy season that extends from July 1 to June 30 and not by the calendar year.  Your season may vary.  I also show the rainfall for the previous day as that is what my weather station reports -- midnight to midnight.  My weather station (Oregon Scientific) reports rate per hour, previous day (to midnight), and total since reset (July 1 by me).  Your weather station may differ.  I measure snow (when present) with a ruler but is it is usually gone in a day.
I see that there is a pop-up to aid in estimating wind velocity.  I hope to never have to use it but I have not found the way to trigger the pop-up.  I don't pretend to be a programmer but I can read the code and not know how to use it.  I could not get the pop-up to trigger in Winlink either.   Perhaps someone else can come up with the method.
I hope to use this custom form in our weekly county digi net and see how it works.  It works much better for me than the "local" METAR as the airport station is 30 miles away and 1000 feet lower in altitude and is on the other side of a 3300' high ridge, 1600 feet higher than me.  I still have the Macro for it on fldigi.
John, W6FQX

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