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Thank you for your comments, Michael.

Yes, I did mean metric vs imperial—those are the two choices on this particular form. Metric on the form is the default (mm, cm, KM/h, C); one can change to imperial with a single click, but, since our group uses what the form calls imperial (inches, MPH, F), it would be more convenient for us to have that as the default.

Our group does not use METAR downloads and does not do any conversion; I simply want to be able to adapt the form and use it with fldigi and flmsg.

Thanks again for taking the time to comment.


On Dec 21, 2019, at 22:11, Michael WA7SKG <wa7skg@...> wrote:

Are you sure you mean metric vs Imperial? You mention mph, so I'll assume you are talking about wind speed. Other than a few TV weather people, AFAIK, almost everybody measures wind speed in knots. If you saw the form say winds xxxK, that is referencing knots, not kilometers.

Regarding weather, about the only difference you likely see is in temperature using Celsius or Fahrenheit. That will often be dependent on which agency and what type of weather you are getting. Aviation weather will normally be listed in knots and Celsius. Marine weather will likely be knots and Fahrenheit. Local emergency services will be a crap shoot. Everything around here uses Fahrenheit, but winds could be knots or mph, just depends on the agency.

With the forms, you can generally just put in whatever you want unless they are decoding METAR downloads or something, in which case you'll need to rewrite the conversion program you are using. If it's just a label on the form, there are a variety of ways to edit the form to customize it for your purpose.

Michael WA7SKG

Scribner Messenger wrote on 12/21/19 2:18 PM:
As a new member of the group, I wanted to comment on and ask a couple of questions about the “Local Weather Report” form by KF5SMH, Al M.
The comment is that it is a terrific form! I’d like to adapt it for possible local use.
The questions are:
- How can one change the default measure from “Metric” to “Imperial”? A simple click can change the measure, of course, but our club uses inches/MPH, so it would be convenient to have that as the default.
- How does one activate the pop-up that gives the “General Guidelines for Estimating Wind Speeds”? The guidelines can be seen in the source code, and a pop-up is apparently in the code, too, but I don’t see how to activate it when viewing the form in a browser.
Thanks in advance for any help.

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