Re: Problem with WX report section - followup

Michael WA7SKG

First, be certain you are using the latest or at least a recent version of fldigi (I'm using 4.1.08).

The default configuration should be fine. Don't fool with or worry about the URL at all. If you have made any changes in the WX Configuration page, click the DEFAULT button at the end of the URL box, then click SAVE and CLOSE.

For initial testing purposes, simply RIGHT click on an empty macro button. The macro editor will come up. In the Macro Text box, type
<WX:KHSV> . In the Macro Button Label box, type WX, the click Apply, then Close.

You should now see a Macro Button labeled WX. Click that macro button and you should get your weather report in the lower Transmit window. Once you verify that works, you can further edit the macro with your TX and other commands. Create additional macros for your other locations.

The only way I can see that you received the file you referenced is if you intentionally changed the source URL in the WX configuration page. There is no need to change that URL from the default.

Michael WA7SKG

Ralph Alden Brigham wrote on 12/5/19 11:40 AM:

     Back again,
     It does _not_work at all for me.  How is it supposed to work, I do not find anything in either documentation file to help me.  Macros are not my friends.
     All I get is some kind of text file from:
! Author: Greg Thompson  NCAR/RAP
!         please mail corrections to gthompsn (at) ucar (dot) edu
! Date: 26 Feb 2018
! This file is continuously maintained at:

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