Re: Weather Form


Thank you James - an excellent point.  

For the recent MARS exercise (COMEX), there was supposed to be a requirement that amateurs not use the internet to obtain the weather reports, but rather to either

(a) catch the information over the air from the weather broadcasts transmitted by the airports, or 
(b) visit the airport and get the weather information in person (for purposes of the exercise, it was considered acceptable to get the recorded report by telephone if you were no more than 25 miles from the airport so that people didn't actually have to get in their cars and drive).

I can't guarantee that the requirement was communicated in all parts of the country, or that it was honored in all parts of the country, but it was both communicated and honored in Connecticut.

I wrote up a little document describing how to listen to and interpret airport weather reports given in voice (over the air or by phone) and how to keep an active list of airport weather observation frequencies and phone numbers.  It's at  I personally update my list of phone numbers and frequencies for CT about once a month so that I have it in case of loss of internet communications.

Jon, AI1V

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