IC7200 transceiver control


Philip Salley wrote on winfldigi:
The IC-7200 is a fine rig for FLDigi work.  

Over time I have found FLDigi rig configuration initialization can be seemingly inexplicably temperamental at times (pardon the double adverb).   

I'm sure you have set the IC-7200 to USB-D with digital port as USB (of course this assumes you are using the 7200's internal USB sound/CAT port.)   

Carefully examine all the parameters with particular attention to baud rate, and com port (Device) is correct.  Failing to sync then try adjusting RTS/DTR, porting interval, stop bit 1 or 2 (usually not critical with either 1 or 2), Write delay (50 or so), retries (about 3 is good), retry interval (200 or so).  retrying initialize after each change.  Make sure the Use HamLib square is checked. 

Others are likely to suggest using FLrig, which is Okay though I prefer the simple approach using HamLib or rigcat.  RigCAT requires a 7200.XML file download for your rig.  

Regards, Phil / K4PO

Let me add that the control features as implemented in fldigi/flrig may finally sway the decision as to which CAT method to select.  A comparison for the IC-7200:

Control flrig rigcat hamlib

selectA X

selectB X

get_vfoA X X X
set_vfoA X X X
get_vfoB X

set_vfoB X

get_modeA X X
set_modeA X X
get_modeB X

set_modeB X

set_split X

get_split X

set_PTT X X X
get_PTT X X
set_volume_control X

get_volume_control() X

get_smeter X X
get_power_out X X
get_swr X X
get_alc X X
set_noise X

get_noise X

set_nb_level X

get_nb_level X

set_noise_reduction_on_off X

get_noise_reduction_on_off X

set_noise_reduction_val X

get_noise_reduction_val X

set_attenuator X

get_attenuator X

set_preamp X

get_preamp X

set_rf_gain X

get_rf_gain X

set_squelch X

get_squelch X

set_power_control X

get_power_control X

get_mic_gain X

set_mic_gain X

get_modeA X

set_modeA X

get_modeB X

set_modeB X

get_FILT X

set_FILT X

set_bwA X X
get_bwA X X
set_bwB X

get_bwB X

set_auto_notch X

get_auto_notch X

set_compression X

get_compression X

set_vox_onoff X

set_notch X X
get_notch X X
get_agc X

set_agc X

set_if_shift X

get_if_shift X

set_pbt_inner X

get_pbt_inner X

set_pbt_outer X

get_pbt_outer X

set_cw_wpm X

enable_break_in X

set_cw_qsk X

set_cw_spot_tone X

set_cw_vol X

setVfoAdj X

getVfoAdj() X

get_band_selection X

set_band_selection X

73, David, W1HKJ
(satisfied owner of an Icom 7200)

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